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Are you overwhelmed by communication channels?

Struggling to keep track of tasks?

Missing out on clients?

Need a comprehensive view of your business or organization to make data-driven decisions?

It's time for an upgrade and a rebuild of your processes with no tech expertise needed!

🌟 Introducing Empowering even small businesses to operate like the big ones! 🌟 is a web-based software that allows business owners and organizations to manage efficiently and effectively across a variety of domains:

  • Lead Management from Campaigns

  • Sales Processes / Fundraising

  • Customer Relations

  • Project Management

  • Budget Management

  • Human Resources

  • Workload Monitoring

  • Onboarding Processes for Employees/Volunteers

  • Information Management

The platform includes ready-to-use templates, customization options, and the ability to create a variety of reports and visual dashboards. offers integrations with a range of popular software (email, calendars, Zoom, and more), making task and process management straightforward and accessible, and providing solutions to everyday challenges.

Transform your business with—Streamline, optimize, and achieve more with less effort!

What We Offer

SoftSkills: Your Official Partner

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Needs Assessment and Workflow Design

We focus on providing personalized and professional support tailored precisely to our clients' needs. Whether you are new to or an experienced user, our goal is to streamline and enhance your work processes and customer journeys, considering your unique requirements and business objectives. The process begins with a thorough analysis of your organization's existing workflows and suggestions for their optimization. We create a roadmap for your organizational processes and align them with your goals to ensure that the solutions we offer are precisely targeted to meet your needs.


System Implementation

We set up your system on, focusing on flexibility and the ability to customize it to your unique processes and needs. The system is built to allow for future growth and ongoing improvements. The setup includes:

  • Custom fields tailored to your needs

  • Automations

  • Integrations with external systems

  • Data consolidation and error correction

  • Dashboards for continuous monitoring of outputs and inputs

Business Meeting

Implementation and User Training

This is the most critical and pivotal part that will determine the success of the project—we ensure that the system works for you, not you for the system! It is important to us that all users within the organization feel comfortable with the system and can independently leverage all the benefits it offers. This phase includes:

  1. A user guide and videos providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand training.

  2. Group training sessions or individual meetings

Pleasure to meet you,
Monika Lev-Cohen, CEO and founder

"Since the beginning, I've had a deep love for technology—breaking down products to their core components and discovering every hidden corner.

Often dubbed "Monika - How do you do that?", I'm usually the go-to person when someone needs to install something on a computer, troubleshoot a software or app, or find a digital solution that streamlines work and saves costs. I thrive on staying updated, delving into every new software update, and uncovering features in popular products that many are unaware of. I thoroughly explore the settings of smart devices, making the most of all available functionalities.

Technology is a language, and like any language, it can be learned through courses, but the most effective method is frequent practice and exposure, minimizing barriers and fears."

Monika Lev-Cohen CEO
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Monika brings a wealth of senior management experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, marketing, business development, and technology. She has a profound understanding of business dynamics and guides organizations to success by integrating strategic and visionary approaches with technological products that streamline work, save resources, and enable impact measurement. Throughout her career, Monika has launched significant social initiatives, including technological products.

Monika is the founder and manager of SoftSkills, enhancing soft skills and integrating various digital tools for management. SoftSkills is an official partner of MONDAY.COM, providing characterization, implementation, and support services with an understanding of business and/or nonprofit organizations.

In her most recent role as the CEO of Keren-Shemesh of Ogen Group, a public benefit company that runs a long-term mentoring program for business entrepreneurs and CEOs of nonprofit organizations, the program has doubled itself and assists over 1000 participants each year with the help of more than 1000 volunteer mentors from the business sector. Previously, she served as the CEO of ScienceAbroad, an NGO working to repatriate Israeli scientists from abroad, founded the Israelis Abroad initiative in the Jewish Agence for Israel, and managed a center for arts and sciences.

Monika earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from the Technion, specializing in teaching technology and sciences.

Outside of work, X enjoys various sports activities, including running, cycling, swimming, and holds a black belt in Judo.

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